Tutorials and Workshops

Call for Tutorials and Workshops

The pre-conference “Tutorials and Workshops Day” at IEEE RFID 2015 is an opportunity for the community to learn about the state of the art in emerging or ‘hot’ topics in RFID research. IEEE RFID 2015 is now accepting proposals for both types of pre-conference events:


The morning tutorial session is an opportunity to learn about a specific area of RFID research from an expert in the field. It is a great chance for senior researchers or principal investigators to disseminate knowledge about advancements in their field while publicizing their research to the community. Tutorials are typically lecture style and are of 3-3.5 hours duration. In the past, IEEE RFID has conducted tutorials on special interest topics such as 5.8 GHz for RFID, advanced UHF tag antenna design, RFID-based sensing as well as general interest tutorials on RFID basics.

If you are interested in organizing a tutorial or have a suggestion on tutorials you would like to see, please send an email to the Tutorial and Workshop Chair.


The afternoon workshop session is an opportunity for researchers working in specific areas of RFID to come together and present their latest findings. The workshop session is a great chance to publicize breaking results, present an overview of research activities, foster research collaboration or learn about the latest advancements in a field of interest. Each workshop is typically 3 hours long and has 6-8 invited speakers. In the past, IEEE RFID has conducted workshops on topics such as RFID as an enabler technology for IoT, RFID-based and bio-medical sensing, localization, reader design, emulation and simulation techniques and enhancing the performance of RFID near-metal.

If you are interested in contributing to a workshop or are interested in organizing one in another area, please send an email to the Tutorial and Workshop Chair