Keynote Speaker


Dina Katabi

MIT, Sloan Fellow
Class of 1947 Career Development Professor


Title: RFID as a Key Enabler of the Internet of Things: Localization and Communication

Each year, billions of RFIDs are being deployed to tag retail goods, track pharmaceuticals, and enable many emerging applications. However, core technical challenges in localization and data communication remain to be addressed before RFID could reach its full potential as a key enabler of the Internet of Things.

Today’s RFID systems can only identify whether a tagged object is within radio range (up to tens of meters) while lacking the capability to pinpoint its exact location. In this talk, I will present a centimeter-scale RFID localization design, and show how to build on it to enable a variety of applications including asset management, robot navigation, and virtual touch screen.

Beyond locating and tracking objects, RFID also holds great potential in forming ultra-low power sensor networks to collect data. A major problem that has challenged this vision is that, unlike WiFi or cellular devices, backscatter RFIDs lack basic capabilities like carrier sense and rate adaptation, and hence RFID-sensor networks tend to suffer from inefficient data communication. In this talk, I will describe new protocols for addressing interference and improving reliability and data rates.