Student Competition – Rectenna Spinout!

There has been a change in the motor for this competition. See below for details.

Student teams of any size may submit a design for a custom 915 MHz rectenna (antenna + RF energy harvester) for the IEEE RFID 2015 conference. A $500 cash prize goes to the team with the fastest spinning antenna.

A rectenna must be constructed exclusively from the following items:

  • Precision Microdrives DC motor (PN: 306-101)
  • Avago Schottky diodes (PN: HSMS-2862)
  • Passive RLC components (any size and value)
  • Copper tape and wire
  • Solder or cold solder pen
  • Cardboard (i.e. corrugated fiberboard) or paper (NO printed circuit boards)
  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Tape, glue, or hot glue

Rectenna Spinout

Any passive antenna type may be used, with no size or weight restrictions. The rectenna must be physically attached to the motor housing by any means using the allowed components above. The two motor terminals are to be connected as the rectenna load. The rectenna will be mounted to a stand by the motor drive shaft, which must be accessible, as in the figure above. After being positioned at a static starting rotation angle of the student’s choosing, the rectenna will be excited with a 915 MHz linearly polarized power density of approximately 2 W/m^2. The incident wave will be propagating parallel to the axis of rotation of the motor. Once the rectenna has reached a steady rotation speed, its angular velocity will be measured. The team with the highest angular velocity will be declared the winner.

Each rectenna must be accompanied by a unique student registration from a team member; one per registrant.

For further information, e-mail Marcin Morys at